Expert in Android security and reverse engineering, Esther Onfroy a.k.a U039b is a French hacktivist, speaker and co-founder of Defensive Lab Agency, Exodus Privacy, Echap, PiRanhaLysis and Pithus. She actively works with journalists, academics, NGOs and private companies. She helps them better understand and respond to today's cybersecurity threats on mobile devices.

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Pithus: let's open the Android pandora's box

Pithus is the answer to the exponential growth of mobile threats. Malicious apps, fake apps, data laundering are the main threats when it comes to mobile security. Their detection and analysis should be available for all and not the property of a private company. Unlike some commercial solutions with exorbitant prices, Pithus is a entirely open platform supported and maintained by the community.

Threats such as permanent tracking and data laundering are made possible by the total lack of transparency and the lack of understanding around what and how data is gathered. Pithus brings transparency through clear and structured reports. Activists, journalists, NGOs, and any other technical community can easily generate these reports and leverage them to better understand the threat landscape.

During this talk, we will discuss the need of free and open-source mobile threat intelligence platforms and how we could build them. Beyond analysis, we will dig into how data-science could help us to efficiently identify similar or new threats.

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