Hosting Identity in the Cloud with free softwares
2021-07-06, 14:40–15:15 (Europe/Paris), Zoom room

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a critical service often hosted inside the company IT, for historical reasons and also security concerns. But we see a recent move in this area, IAM can now be run as any SaaS application, most of the case by choosing private firms (and mainly American ones). Is this the only option?

I will talk here about a new initiative, which relies on FusionIAM project, that gathers well known IAM free softwares like OpenLDAP, LemonLDAP::NG, LDAP Tool Box and Fusion Directory. We will see how deploy and use these components in the Cloud to offer an alternative to proprietary solutions.

Contributor to LemonLDAP::NG, LDAP Tool Box, LDAP Synchronization Connector, FusionIAM, Identity Solutions Manager by Worteks.

But also musician and singer (KPTN),actor DonJon Legacy, Improv Improcité.