Call for Papers

Date and Location

The 2022 edition of Pass the SALT will be held July, 4 to 6 2022 at Polytech Engineering School in Lille, France.


We definitively want to have submissions from multiple security fields because we wish this conference to ease and improve interactions between various Security and Free Software communities.

All usual security topics are of course welcome with among others:

  • privacy software and issues,
  • offensive software and usages,
  • hacking tools/software,
  • defensive and threat intel tools and researchs.

To illustrate, our last IRL edition (2019) of Pass the SALT hosted 27 talks dispatched in 6 different sessions covering a large part of the security landscape.

And, obviously, if you have a brilliant and/or “strange” idea, just SUBMIT !

Single requirement: speaking about (Free Software/Hardware OR Open Standard/Protocol) AND Security :-)


Typical people submitting to our CFP are:

  • contributors to Free Software/Hardware Security Projects,
  • researchers who found vulnerabilities in a Free Sw/Hw project,
  • hackers who have studied the security model of a Free Sw/Hw project or of an open protocol,
  • people who have used a Security Free Software in their company or at home and share with us their experience.

See our last editions list of the speakers.

You do not recognize yourself into these descriptions? You think you are too shy? You have doubt about you, your idea or anything else?


Just drop any question you may have (eg "I have this talk idea but I am not sure ...") to and we will give our feedback. You and your questions are definitively welcome!

The different Talks Formats & the Timeline

You can propose:

  • a long talk (35min - questions/answers included),
  • a short talk (20min - questions/answers included),
  • Workshops (3 hours).

The language: all the talks will be given in English in order to share the conference with non French speaking speakers in the most comfortable manner.

The important dates are :

  • Submission deadline: April 15, 2022 at 23:59 CEST
  • Speakers notification: May 1, 2022
  • Program publication : May 15, 2022

Speakers Support

Our goal is to make possible for all lecturers to come in confidence, get rid of most of their practical questions to be able to take advantage of the event in the most open way.

In order to achieve this goal, we provide:

  • A dedicated private mailing list on which we provide complete information (how to come, to find accommodations, to do their talk, to contact us, to be reimbursed etc.),
  • A full contact list and a fast feedback loop: in order to be able to get in touch and have answers quickly from the org team.
  • Financial support: as a free access and community event, we are not able to provide transport reimbursement to speakers on a general basis. We ask companies behind speakers to provide them support for the travel to the conference. For low resources and/or non company supported speakers, we can provide reimbursement for travel (flight/train) expenses but not for the hotel. Thank you for the understanding :)
  • COVID outbreak: for the third year in a row, the outbreak may impact us. This year, we decided not to go to virtual. Our engagement: if for any reason we are forced to postpone the 2022 edition, we commit ourselves to communicate this decision as soon as possible to the speakers. Accepted speakers would remain accepted for 2023 but are also free to cancel their postponed participation.


Just send your questions to

This Call for Papers closed on 2022-04-15 23:59 (Europe/Paris).