Dataflow tabular charts -- a presentation tool for security architects
2022-07-04, 15:25–15:45 (Europe/Paris), Amphitheater

Security architects commonly have to represent drawings of complex systems to highlight the principles of their security architecture. Most drawings in common use are "seen from above", and do not allow a clear presentation of the protocol stacks and data processes along a dataflow.

Dataflow tabular charts are a new kind of drawings to show security boundaries crossed by functional dataflows. We will present the importance of those drawings for documenting security architectures, risk assessments, and penetration test results. We will then show a tool that can produce those charts automatically based on a textual description, similar to how msggen creates message charts.

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After studying electronics and computer architecture, Yves spent a decade developing embedded software, first in a small business, then at Airbus. He then moved on to the Airbus A350 design office to work on its security. There, he practiced supplier management, systems engineering, and security requirements for systems with critical, safety-related impacts. Since then he has worked on various topics related to security, from governance to formal proofs of security properties, in several industrial domains such as aeronautics, railway and automotive.

Unsatisfied with the lack of coding in the professional life of a security architect, he finds any excuse he can to develop new tools.

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