Improve your Malware Recipes with Cyberchef
2022-07-06, 11:45–12:20 (Europe/Paris), Amphitheater

Cyberchef is an awesome tool developed by GCIH (the UK Intelligence Services). Easy to deploy and maintain, it offers a complete toolbox to manipulate data. This talk will briefly introduce the core features of Cyberchef and, on a second part, we will discuss how to speed up the analysis of data in the context of malware analysis (decoding C2 traffic, decoding configuration files and many more examples)

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Xavier Mertens is a freelance security consultant based in Belgium. With 12+ years of experience in information security, his job focuses on protecting his customers' assets by providing services like incident handling, investigations, log management, security visualization, OSINT). Xavier is also a Senior Handler at the SANS Internet Storm Center, SANS FOR610 instructor, a security blogger and co-organizer of the BruCON security conference.