CryptPad : a zero knowledge collaboration platform
2022-07-04, 14:50–15:25 (Europe/Paris), Amphitheater

Presentation of the project, a 100% encrypted collaboration platform.

Cloud services are increasingly used and your data is increasingly exposed. Even though cloud services "promise" to ensure the security of your data, we do not actually control what is put in place to ensure the security of our data and our privacy. Many cloud services use our data to set up advertising-based business models that read our data and pass it on to advertising services. Others are more transparent, but struggle to effectively secure our data.

Yet another approach is possible!

In this presentation, we will present the CryptPad project ( which offers an end-to-end encrypted collaboration solution. CryptPad has been developed for more than 5 years now and is an end-to-end encrypted collaborative suite allowing the editing of multiple format documents in real time. This platform integrates more than 8 types of documents including Office formats with import and export, a kanban, an HTML editor, a Markdown editor, a drawing tool and a survey creation tool, as well as a Drive with shared folders . The tool also has a management infrastructure and key sharing between users, all end-to-end encrypted to guarantee the strictest possible data confidentiality.

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Creator of XWiki and CEO of XWiki SAS.

XWiki SAS has been developing free software for 15 years. The XWiki software ( allows companies to better organize information. Since 2016, XWiki SAS has also created CryptPad (, an end-to-end encrypted real-time document editing software.