The Good, the Bad, and the Secure: a pentester's journey daily driving Qubes OS
2023-07-03, 16:30–17:05 (Europe/Paris), Amphitheater

The ups and downs of a pentester who decided to daily drive Qubes OS as his working environment.

In this talk, I will provide a quick overview of Qubes OS, a security-focused operating system that uses virtualization to create secure compartments for different tasks and applications. This will ensure that everyone attending the talk understands the concepts and terminology used in the next parts.

I will then share my personal journey of using Qubes OS as my daily working environment, discussing the best and worst things I encountered while using it. This will provide insights and practical advice for those who may be interested in using Qubes OS for their own work.

Finally, I will discuss my perspective on Qubes OS, including why and how I decided to use it as my primary working environment. This part will also provide ideas on how Qubes OS can be used in various scenarios and use cases, including its benefits for security and privacy.

Overall, attendees of this talk will gain a deeper understanding of Qubes OS and its benefits for security and privacy, as well as insights from my personal experience of using it as my daily working environment.

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Security Ninja @ Synacktiv